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Death Before Decaf!

I miss Russia.

Last year from today, I was in Russia staring at the same stars I saw tonight. It's hard to imagine that I was on the other side of the world last year. Completely immersed in my own culture but feeling like an outsider is a feeling a lot of people may never have. I felt like a tourist and a westerner to the same grandparents that saw me grow up. I came back to my own country feeling like someone who doesn't belong in either.

Since then, a lot of things remind me of Russia and I can honestly say that I miss it. I miss being around that culture I felt so safe in. It's incredibly hard to form yourself in a unilateral culture, one that promotes being homogenous. Today I was talking with a friend and we spoke about every decade's style. Because every ten years, there is a drastic change. And it has always happened that way. Ten is the mark that defines a generation. Now it's America's ten year anniversary. What can we expect from it?

I'd like to say that I would predict the next age will begin to see a change between two groups: the incredible speed of technology versus the the "analogue" side of it all.



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Changings are better! like up you were telling me to RUSSIA's culture is never changed a bit. it is same as before a decade. and RUSSIA is your HOMELAND where you grew up in front of your grandfathers.

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Death Before Decaf!

June 2009

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